We believe that strong communities and a diverse workforce will contribute to the prosperity of Canada and the growth of Shell’s business in Canada. We strive to hire the best, diverse talent we can find based on principles of merit and equity.

In order to assist with our aspirations, promote diversity, and help Shell monitor our Employment Equity Program, we ask applicants to voluntarily complete the following questions.

The information you provide helps Shell identify and address systemic barriers that may exist in attracting people from the four employment equity groups (women, visible minorities, persons of Aboriginal descent and persons with disabilities), and therefore Shell may give additional consideration for employment to those groups. Special consideration is only given when the employment equity group is under-represented in the Shell Canadian business workforce; under-represented in a particular occupational level; and in compliance with the Employer Obligations of the Canadian Employment Equity Act.

How will Shell use this information?

By providing this information, you confirm that you consent to the use of this information (by Shell) for the purpose of identifying, tracking, attracting and recruiting you under an employment equity group. The information you provide relating to your self-identification may be held and processed for purposes in connection with potential, current or future vacancies (where permitted by local legislation) such as, but not limited to, identifying you as a potential candidate for suitable vacancies and/or to inform you of suitable vacancies. If you request an accommodation we may provide this information to appropriate Shell staff, as needed, such as our occupational health or human resource professionals, who would be able to assist in determining and implementing an appropriate accommodation plan. The information you provide will be handled confidentially as it relates to the Shell Privacy Policy, and may be used for statistical analysis and reports. Answering these questions is entirely voluntary.

The following definitions are taken from the Employment Equity Act of the Equity Groups.

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